E-Commerce Systems And Managing Your Sales Remotely

Social distancing has now become a requirement for maintaining public health, but it spells doom for small businesses. Foot traffic in all retail stores has dropped significantly since the COVID-19 outbreak as an increasing number of consumers self-quarantine and prefer to stay at home.

Many business owners in OKC and across the country are worried that the effects of the pandemic will be far more long-lasting and profound than anticipated. As a result, big and small merchants in every sector are looking for ways and means to retain their customers during these difficult times.

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How Shopping Trends have Changed

Consumers have now stepped up their activity on eCommerce platforms because they prefer not to shop at physical stores, or eat at restaurants any longer. An increasing number of consumers focus on avoiding all public spaces and are now consciously choosing to make purchases via the web instead.

New customers are opting to shop online, and existing ones are stocking up far more products over the constant fear of consumer items running out. So, if you are a business that sells any consumer products and are feeling the pinch from the downtrend in sales at your physical store, you should focus your energies on your eCommerce presence if you have one.

In case you do not have an online store at all, consider setting up one as it will surely help increase your sales and maintain some semblance of profitability during this challenging time. But that isn't the only reason to consider ramping up your eCommerce efforts. Just as it's far safer for your customers to shop online, it helps your staff stay safer as well, which is a win-win.

E-commerce Systems - Safer Shopping

But there are some other aspects you would need to have in place when catering to online customers, such as:

    •    Monitor your supply chain and your delivery network by placing thermal guns and scanners to check the temperature of your on-site staff and delivery executives.
    •    Make sure your employees wear masks and disposable gloves while handling the packing and delivery of orders and make sure the crates are wiped down regularly.
    •    Set a zero-touch delivery protocol where your customers don't have to come into direct contact with the delivery personnel. Get your staff to call customers at the time of delivery and leave the parcels at their doorstep.


Your customers will also appreciate the fact that you care for their safety at a time when the world around them seems so unsafe. Managing your site remotely through e-commerce is the best and safest option in COVID-19 times. For any additional about our web design and other services, feel free to contact Directing Design Inc. at 405.474.2555.



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