Directing Design, Inc. Launches a New Company: Hutchee, Inc.

At Directing Design, Inc., we are always looking for new opportunities. To that end, we have decided to launch a new company: Hutchee, Inc. a product development company. Hutchee aims to develop and sell products that utilize technologies to enhance customer’s lives. The first product, launched in December 2016 is the Puresound H100, Bluetooth Headphones. After careful testing and development they were produced for people with active lifestyles, runners, cyclists and gym enthusiasts. Music is proven to motivate activity and having a wireless solution to stream music from is less cumbersome.

What is Bluetooth, Anyway?

While pretty much everyone has heard of Bluetooth, not everyone may understand exactly what it is. Bluetooth technology has been around for just over 20 years now. First created in 1994, it is incorporated into a wide range of products.

Bluetooth technology lets you connect two products without the need for cumbersome wires. For example, if you have your favorite music playlist running on your cell phone, you can use Bluetooth headphones to listen to it without worrying about getting tangled up in a wire. This lets you stash your phone in a cargo pocket or other similar spot so you don’t risk dropping it or damaging it during athletic activities.

Other uses for Bluetooth include sending and receiving phone calls while you’re driving, interacting with a smart car, and virtually an activity you can imagine that requires you to use your hands. Bluetooth products can be especially valuable in those states that have outlawed the use of a cell phone while driving unless it is a hands-free setup.

Why Bluetooth?

These days, pretty much everyone has a smartphone on them all the time, even when they are exercising, driving, or engaging in other activities that put a premium on hands-free technology. At the same time, technology has advanced to the point that most people can use their smartphones as a portable entertainment center in addition to a phone, GPS, and web browser.

We believe the market is right for the introduction of a great Bluetooth product line. By leveraging our knowledge of technology with our ability to mount an aggressive Internet marketing campaign, we believe we can position ourselves as a premier player in the Bluetooth accessory market.

What Will Hutchee, Inc. Do?

Hutchee, Inc. Will focus on developing products that encourage an active lifestyle. The Puresound H100 Bluetooth headphones, allow wireless streaming of music. The headphones are perfect for working out, running or cycling. Music has been proven to encourage and enhance these activities.

The Puresound H100, Bluetooth Headphones are exclusive to Check them out today!


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